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Phil Weaver
Phil WeaverFreelance Creator and Facilitator, Core Company member of Whistling Moon Creative Company

You've taught me what it means to connect my personal story with academic and intellectual being - for so long I had a weird relationship with sharing personally, but you showed and taught me what it looks like to own where you come from. You've taught me how I can, with practice, take a step back and find the bigger question that exists in the room. Instead of following whatever tunnel I'm in, you show me what it looks like to step out.

1:1 Coaching

Highly Intentional, these one-on-one sessions are all about YOU! We go through an array of topics that connects to your personal and professional development goals. Together we build and create a sustainable structure.

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Highly Engaging, each workshop focuses on achieving a specific outcome. There is an ample amount of writing, talking, presenting, and listening. Helping one build new skills, learn more about themselves, and build solutions.

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Highly Motivational, my keynote presentations are often engaging, uplifting, and fun. There is no greater joy than that which comes from creating an environment for people to experience and learn from powerful stories.

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"One thing keeping you from getting to where you want to go is what you don't know."

- Erika R. Moore
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