Client Achievements

Deborah is one of the many individuals who saw life flash before her eyes due to COVID. She took it as a sign to get her financial house in order, and on her won increased her credit score and set the building blocks for a freelance personal training business.

When she and I started meeting, her goal was to learn how to increase her credit score and get a workable budget to keep track of her finances. She was able to leave with that and then some!

Bob Proctor, speaker, coach, and best-selling author, says, “if you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.” Powerful words. The delight that came in working with Deborah was getting that image to expand in her head and helping her realize how she can hold it in her had.

As an artist, I wasn’t always intentional about creating financial goals and executing them. Erika assisted me in shifting my perspective and mindset to align my budgeting with my personal and business goals. She challenged me to be intentional with my finances and to plan for what I envisioned. Erika is relatable and understanding as a fellow artist and was able to apply her knowledge to impart financial wisdom to me. I highly recommend Erika as a Money Mindset coach. She will guide you on a journey to financial empowerment and confidence. I am a testament to this and the power of knowledge, accountability and application meeting.

Debroah ChambersDancer, Actress, Personal Trainer - Entrepreneur
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