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One of my go-to books, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker, has a quote that is committed to memory in my mind. It reads, “the single biggest difference between financial success and financial failure is how well you manage your money.” Simply put, to master money, you must manage money.

Far too often, money is the inhibiting factor between my artist’s friends living their best life versus living their dream life. We need to learn how to master money!

Meet Brittney.

My first conversation with Britney was one of pure delight. She understood she needed to get her finances in order, starting with her credit. She saw my Facebook posts and scheduled a call. The timing of us connecting could not have been more sporadic as she was launching her online jewelry business and strapped for cash. Never the less she made away.

Within just a few months, she hit her credit score goal and signed the lease to her first apartment. In addition to that, Brittney is now on her way to her first 10K month with her business.

With the information, she now has about credit and money management, the limits to how she grows her business are really limitless!

Did you know that an 800 credit score has more buying power than 100K? Did you know your credit profile not only impacts you when purchasing a car and buying a home? If you are looking to start a business and open a business account, it affects that too?

Schedule a 15 minute credit consulting session with me today or simply go HERE to activate credit restoration services.

Erika helped me see the importance of a great credit profile and convinced me to get started on my credit journey. It was the best decision. I’ve been able to reach my goals in business and in my personal life with my improved credit. Thank you Erika !

Brittney BellBusiness Owner
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