Just living is telling a story. You’re put on this Earth to tell that story, to share those stories

Judith Jamison


I believe that dance is more than movement; it is a way of life and how one chooses to live that life is greatly affected by how they were taught. I also believe that one’s experiences, beliefs and values are revealed in the body and connected greatly to the way one moves. When I create dance and perfromance, I use those movements to cultivate paths for new ones.

In my classes alignment, relevant technique and the understanding of space, time and rhythm is addressed. Utilizing learned methods created by Liz Lerman and Jawole Willia Jo Zollar I work to build up the growth of the individual than the community. This process works well with theater ensembles and dance performances looking to tell a story or animate research. Regardless of the project my goal in teaching is to help people discover who they are, what they are capable of and challenge them beyond known limits.


I teach beginner Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern (Horton based with some Cunningham) and Creative Practices i.e. Choreography. I also work with clients on basic rhythm, partnering and character embodiment.