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Looking for a way to build a sustainable career as an artist or freelancer?

In my coaching programs, I help you identify, fill, and build pathways to your desired destination.

John Borstel
John BorstelProject Advisor and Director of Certification

Erika Moore is undaunted. Where others see obstacles, Erika sees opportunities… and makes them. This is true of her broader vision for individual empowerment and self-determination. It also informs her ability, as a facilitator and advisor, to respond effectively as an encounter is unfolding.

Xanthia Walker
Xanthia WalkerProducing Artistic Collaborator

Erika's facilitation is grounded in a value of deep listening, improvisation, and the intentional articulation and activation of goals. I am continuously impressed by the ways in which Erika's facilitation practice curates experiences of deep self-discovery in the people she shares space with.

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Highly Intentional, these one-on-one sessions are all about YOU! We go through an array of topics that connects to your personal and professional development goals. Together we build and create a sustainable structure.

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Highly Engaging, each workshop focuses on achieving a specific outcome. There is an ample amount of writing, talking, presenting, and listening. Helping one build new skills, learn more about themselves, and build solutions.

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Highly Motivational, my keynote presentations are often engaging, uplifting, and fun. There is no greater joy than that which comes from creating an environment for people to experience and learn from powerful stories.

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As an artist, I wasn’t always intentional about creating financial goals and executing them. Erika assisted me in shifting my perspective and mindset to align my budgeting with my personal and business goals. She challenged me to be intentional with my finances and to plan for what I envisioned. Erika is relatable and understanding as a fellow artist and was able to apply her knowledge to impart financial wisdom to me. I highly recommend Erika as a Money Mindset coach. She will guide you on a journey to financial empowerment and confidence. I am a testament to this and the power of knowledge, accountability and application meeting.

Debroah ChambersDancer, Actress, Personal Trainer - Entrepreneur
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