Erika R. Moore is a dancer, actress and, arts facilitator from Los Angeles, California. She ventured East after landing a job at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Upon arrival in New York, Erika connected with Michael Howard Studios and Magnet Theater to continue her training in TV, Film, and Theater. She has been cast in The Heights Players Theater run of A Raisin in the Sun, featured in Sasha Dobson’s music video Wanted and, supporting actress for the New York Theater Festival showcase of Capcetexic. and dancer in Nia Whiterspoon Chronicle X.

When Erika is not auditioning, she is designing workshops and talks for creatives. From artists’ feedback sessions using Liz Lerman Critical Response Process to choreographic workshops for non-dancers to discussions on wealth in the arts. Holding an MFA in dance and a B.S. in Nonprofit Leadership and Management and with over twenty years of experience in the performing and commercial arts, Erika has been able to support artists and arts institutions across the nation. Texcoco, Mexico, Hunan, China, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, are among the places she has toured performing and teaching on arts leadership.  

Erika is most known for her choreography and performance in AZ Black Theater Troupe production of The WIZ, and Black Nativity. She has interned with the Broadway Leagues Diversity Internship on the Touring show of Pippin, and, managed her own international artist’s management company.

Standing on the shoulders of her ancestors, including her grandmother and father who worked, tirelessly to make it in arts & entertainment. Erika plans to be the woman with all the energy, moving beyond her wildest dreams, performing, teaching, training, speaking, investing, and producing within the arts.